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Want to know more about hair follow us on Let's talk everything hair face book Group.

Everyone wants to know about how to maintain and have healthy hair. Whether it's a question of moisture, growth, scalp conditions; you name it everyone has some sort of issue with the hair. It could be just simple as styling. How do I style and manage this hair? How do I maintain that colour? It's all there question after question after question. Now on this social group what better way to share insight and tips on how to maintain and manage that hair. This group has a lot of talented members who can also share their experience. Please be respectful and share what your experience with others without any judgment or ill behaviour. Hair has been one of my passion. It is the crown it sits well nicely placed by God on top of your head. It's the first thing that appears when you enter the world. It is the thing that makes up your beauty. It makes one feel more confident when done right. I know many of you have questions and so I can help. My expertise will be used to help others by demonstrating my passion for hair. You name it I've probably seen it all. It's a journey, an interesting journey that comes with different story lines from all walks of life. Your hair has a story for each individual and that in itself is beautiful.

If you are interested join the group to find out more... I will be sharing a lot of tips, styles, and interaction within the group. There will be sometimes prizes to be won or lives done to encourage and motivate.

We do not encourage any nonsense in this group so please put on your best behaviour in the group. So join us now it's called 'LET'S TALK EVERYTHING HAIR' so see you on the other side. Facebook group and add. We're waiting to welcome you.

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